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Dear Parents, Now a day’s in this changing scenario it has become essential to co–operate with our children coping contemporary problems. No aspect of life is free from these problems. The problems of coal belt areas are acute due to stressful life style of parents and children both. The stress of coping examination phobia for our children is rising high day by day. There are a lot of queries in their minds due to growing age.
Every nation, society and educational institution has to work towards promoting adolescent problem. When students acquire knowledge their curiosity grows many times. 
In this computer age, knowledge is scattered everywhere, we need to be very careful to select them. We cannot stop our Children be exposed to the rest of the world but can be with them as they learn. It is true as we sow so shall we reap.
In the field of co-scholastic, we have the reach harvest in almost every area like debate, quiz, environment protection, promotion of reading habit, English proficiency. The holding of inter house quizzes, debates, rhymes competitions, dance competitions and counselling for the personality development and career are some of our land mark achievements. 
Dear Colleagues, I am inviting your attention towards the following letter written by the great American President Abraham Lincoln to the teacher of his Son. You will definitely find this letter very inspiring and meaningful:
Respected Sir, "My son starts school today. It is all going to be strange and new to him for a while and I wish you would treat him gently. It is an adventure that might take him across continents. All adventures that probably include wars, tragedy and sorrow. To live this life will require faith, love and courage.
So dear Teacher, will you please take him by his hand and teach him things he will have to know, teaching him - but gently, if you can. Teach him that for every enemy, there is a friend. He will have to know that all men are not just, that all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero, that for every crooked politician, there is a dedicated leader.
Teach him if you can that 10 cents earned is of far more value than a dollar found. In school, teacher, it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat. Teach him to learn how to gracefully lose, and enjoy winning when he does win.
Teach him to be gentle with people, tough with tough people. Steer him away from envy if you can and teach him the secret of quiet laughter. Teach him if you can - how to laugh when he is sad, teach him there is no shame in tears. Teach him there can be glory in failure and despair in success. Teach him to scoff at cynics.
Teach him if you can the wonders of books, but also give time to ponder the extreme mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on a green hill. Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if every one tell him they are wrong.
Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone else is doing it. Teach him to listen to every one, but teach him also to filters all that he hears on a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through.
Teach him to sell his talents and brains to the highest bidder but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul. Let him have the courage to be impatient, let him have the patient to be brave. Teach him to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind, in God.
This is the order, teacher but see what best you can do. He is such a nice little boy and he is my son.


Mr. Debaki Ranjan Mahanty
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